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Foodie News

A collection of topical articles and our favourite recipes. A little insight and inspiration.

TH x Country Wood Smoke

We've teamed up with Marcus Bawdon from Country Wood Smoke to create the ultimate BBQ box. This specially curated box contains all the best beef and pork cuts which lend themselves to this style of cooking. Stay tuned for exciting recipes and videos from Marcus on how best to smoke up the meat!

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To celebrate UK BBQ week have some exciting offers for all TH meat connoisseurs.

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Tom Hixson x Country Wood Smoke

When Country Wood Smoke got their hands on our Black Label Argentine Rump Hearts some amazing results were to follow. Check out what delicious treat they smoked up *WARNING* this will make you seriously hungry!

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Turkey Time!

Ever wondered how to BBQ a turkey? Our friends at UK BBQ magazine have shared their tips on how to do it perfectly and avoid the dreaded dyness!

Plus tick off some more of your Christmas to-do list by getting everything you need from our festive shop including turkeys, pigs in blankets, hams, smoked salmon and cheese here!

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Super Bowl Smoker's BBQ Box

Get stuck into our Tom Hixson Smoker's BBQ Box for the Super Bowl and try out our pulled pork and coleslaw sandwich recipe!

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BBQ St. Louis Ribs

Looking for something special to cook in a smoker? Then the St Louis Ribs are for you

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Nice bbq chicken with a lovely marinade to tuck into

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