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Foodie News

A collection of topical articles and our favourite recipes. A little insight and inspiration.

We have teamed up with the world famous and award winning Leiths School of Food and Wine and are proud purveyors for their esteemed butchery course . Check out their top choices for Winter warmer cuts of meat and also WIN a place on their butchery masterclass on 8th December.

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We are delighted to announce our collaboration with The Oxford Charcoal Company.  It’s our charcoal of choice when it comes to enhancing the taste of our premium TH meat when smoking or barbecuing. 

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Welcome to part three of our Spotlight Series. Meet Mike Beretta founder and owner of Beretta Farms, Canada. Here we learn a little more about him, and what makes Canadian Heritage Angus Beef so special.

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Christmas 2017

It's that time of year again! Our Tom Hixson Christmas Shop has landed - explore our range of delicious Christmas products and boxes and be sure to make 2017 the most delicious one yet!

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Super Bowl Smoker's BBQ Box

Get stuck into our Tom Hixson Smoker's BBQ Box for the Super Bowl and try out our pulled pork and coleslaw sandwich recipe!

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Happy Birthday, Tim!

This week it's Tim Hixson's Birthday, son of founder Tom Hixson and managing director. We interview him to find out more about his time working at Tom Hixson's, his expert advise on meat and his top Tom Hixson meat picks to take you into Winter! Happy Birthday Tim! 

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Tom Hixson Family Box

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The Tom Hixson family meat box includes all the meaty components you need to make tasty and nutritious meals the whole family are going to love! 

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