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Foodie News

A collection of topical articles and our favourite recipes. A little insight and inspiration.

Welcome to part three of our Spotlight Series. Meet Mike Beretta founder and owner of Beretta Farms, Canada. Here we learn a little more about him, and what makes Canadian Heritage Angus Beef so special.

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Canadian Black Angus Beef is Back!

We are thrilled to announce that the Canadian Black Angus range is back in stock! This extensive range of truly magnificent beef is available to buy online today in sirloin, ribeye, featherblade, picanha and rump heart cuts.

Read this week's foodie news to find out what makes it so special!

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Tom's Top Picks - USDA Beef Sirloin

Whilst we have a fantastic deal on our USDA half sirloin strip we thought we'd share one of our favourite recipes for you to try at home!

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Black label Argentine sirloin is well known as a perfect example of a great South American beef cut. Tom Hixson covers how to create the perfect sirloin roast at home, great for a Sunday family meal!

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Tom Hixson Black Label Argentine Beef

For all you Tom Hixson meat lovers out there we have something very special to show you and we are sure you will love it as much as we do!

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Another simple but delicious recipe that will melt in your mouth

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