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A collection of topical articles and our favourite recipes. A little insight and inspiration.

Known around the world for its tender and high-end beef, Japan produces over 200 types of “wagyu” raised in regions all across the country. Wagyu is a famous type of Japanese beef that costs almost three times as much as European beef and is known by many to be the most expensive beef in the world. Similar to how we categorize wine by its region and method of cultivation, each wagyu brand meets different standards according to the production area, bloodline, breed, grade, and method of rearing. The quality of Japanese wagyu steak depends on two characteristics, brand and grade.

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This week we take you to the otherside of the world where the sun shines and cattle roam the vast and lucious land of the Darling Downs region in Australia. We reveal more about our Australian partners who produce world famous and award winning Wagyu beef.

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Tom Hixson x Angus and Oink

Last week our friends at Angus & Oink paid us a visit and showed us how they smoked our wonderful Snake River Farm Wagyu ribeye with their beer butter and gaucho seasoning recipe!

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