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Tom Hixson x Angus and Oink

Tom Hixson x Angus and Oink

Tuesday, 28 March 2017 18:16:11 Europe/London

Last week our friends at Angus & Oink paid us a visit at Smithfield market.

Angus & Oink are devoted to BBQ from the Southern states & South America. Specialising in hot and BBQ sauces and rubs it was the perfect opportunity to team up with them and watch how they smoked one of our finest pieces of meat from the world famous Snake River Farm.

Our Wagyu ribeye from Snake River Farms has the perfect balance of natural tenderness and rich flavour. It is 100% natural and hormone free, fed on a natural nutricious diet has wonderful juicy marbelling and is hand cut by master butchers.

It certainly won't disappoint and it will be the talking point of any event! It comes in a 6.9kg portion and serves appox. 25 people. Buy today and be sure to check how Angus and Oink perfected smoking it in their You Tube video basting in beer butter and their gaucho seasoning!





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Tom Rutherford

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