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What is an Australian Tomahawk Steak?

What is an Australian Tomahawk Steak?

Tuesday, 3 November 2015 11:01:54 Europe/London

The Tomahawk Steak looks like something out of a Flintstone cartoon, but instead of Brontosaurus, this is a cut of Australian beef.  As well as having the manliest name possible for a slab of meat, it also tastes out of this world. Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the Tomahawk steak - the rising star in the beef world.

The cut is an on-the-bone Rib steak, where most of the rib bone is left on, creating the dramatic, unusual looking chunk of glorious meat that turns heads wherever it is seen. Named so, because of its resemblance to the Native American throwing axe/utility tool, the Tomahawk, until recently,  had widely remained under the radar for many of the British meat eating public, and due to its price, was not often seen apart from in high end steakhouses and restaurants. In the last few years however, demand has risen exponentially, with the cut being seen more and more on cooking shows and on the shelves of high end gourmet retail shops and butchers.

The long bone is French-trimmed for presentation purposes, and as it is a bone-in rib eye beef steak, large amounts of inter-muscular fat is present, giving it an incredible, gelatinous flavour that more than matches the aesthetics of the cut. For those out there who like other bone-in cuts such as the Porterhouse and T-bone, the Tomahawk shares the same primary muscle as these two, so you are guaranteed much of the same flavour and texture. The Tomahawk cuts generally weigh between 1.2-2 KG for restaurant dining, and are designed to share; sometimes between two hungry people, but more commonly between four. At Tom Hixson, we sell 4.6 KG cuts, which can satisfy up to ten people comfortably.

How To Cook a Tomahawk Steak?

The sheer weight of this cut of beef poses problems for both professional and wannabe chefs alike. Although technically classed as a steak, many people chose to oven roast the Tomahawk due to the awkwardness of its shape. For best results, first you should sear and seal it all over in a large frying pan before moving it to a hot oven at 200°C for 15 minutes. The most fun way however, of cooking the ‘hawk, is by firing up the BBQ. Season liberally, then sit back and salivate/watch in awe. An internal heat thermometer can come in handy here for those who like to be precise (medium rare = 58°C) and remember to take it off a couple of degrees shy of your target temperature. Once cooked (via whatever medium), it is very important to let the heat from the bone transfer across the rest of the meat, to ensure maximum succulence. A ten minute resting period should do the trick here, to enjoy a tender eating experience. Next, carve up and enjoy.

Where To Buy The Tomahawk Beef Cut?

Your local butchers are a good bet, however you can expect a wait of up-to 3-4 weeks for stock to arrive, or as previously mentioned, a small selection of high end supermarkets have also recently began stocking the cut in a few stores. For maximum indulgence though and high quality grading, (as well as free delivery within 48 hours) you cannot really beat the Australian grain-fed Tomahawk variety, that just so happens to be stocked here, at online butchers Tom Hixson. 

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