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  • Halal Canadian Rump Heart (Heritage Angus)

    Halal Canadian Rump Heart (Heritage Angus)

    From our suppliers at Heritage Angus Beef, the premium beef, the rump heart as a cut is versatile and can be used as a roasting joint, cut into steaks or pot roasted.
    weight: 2.5kg
    Price: £50.00
  • Halal Canadian Fillet (Heritage Angus)

    Halal Canadian Fillet (Heritage Angus)

    Canadian beef fillet with incredible marbling and flavour - part of our fantastic Canadian range.
    weight: 2.3kg

    Price: £250.00

    Now: £100.00

  • Halal Canadian Sirloin (Heritage Angus)

    Halal Canadian Sirloin (Heritage Angus)

    Our Canadian Grass Fed Sirloin deliver phenomenal tenderness, texture and flavour.
    weight: 2.4kg

    Price: £200.00

    Now: £80.00

  • Halal Canadian Ribeye (Heritage Angus)

    Halal Canadian Ribeye (Heritage Angus)

    Textured, highly marbled and flavoursome. A truly delightful Canadian product. Perfect for grilling, frying or roasting.
    weight: 4.5kg
    Price: £199.00

    Out of stock