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Tom Hixson Since 1963


Tom Hixson founded the company over fifty years ago. He was the son of a Walworth butcher and came from a family who had been involved in the meat trade for generations. On the market since 1935, his seventy years of work ensured our family tradition continues to this day.

From his early days, he fondly remembered the market as a ‘wonderland’ of produce. He discussed how meats from around the world arrived by horse and cart then later by rail.

In 1963 he founded Tom Hixson of Smithfield and by 1983 he was head of the Smithfield Tenancy Association. He had become a pioneer of the meat industry. His expertise was well known and the British Library organised an interview with him to find out the secrets to his success. Details of the discussion can be found here.

Tom was always developing emerging markets. He became a director of the Granville Meat Company when it was established in 1984. Later known as Linden Foods it has now become one of Ireland’s biggest meat producers. The legacy established by Tom have been carried on by his sons. Tim, his youngest and the current Managing Director, has visited places such as Argentina, Australia and Canada to source the finest produce. This innovation throughout the years has enabled us to sustain our status as a leading meat purveyor.

The honesty, passion and drive shown by Tom has filtered through to the third generation and those involved today. The wealth of expertise and experience gathered over the years means we deliver unrivalled quality and service.

Open for business
Thinking outside the box
Queen Mother’s Visit
Moving Home
We welcome  a sister
Delivery to your door

Maitkand Beef Show 1963 Tom Hixson Staff in 70's Vintage Delivery Vans

1963 - Open for Business


Tom Hixson Staff in 70's Tom Hixson Delivery Boxes 2 Men

1975 - Thinking Outside The Box


Queen greeting market butchers Queen With Hixson Queen at Smithfields Market

1986 - Queen Mother's Visit

The Queen Mother visits Smithfield and meets three generations of the Hixson family. Tom, as head of the Smithfield Tenancy Association, is chosen to lead the tour.

TH 221  Tom Hixson 22

2000 - Moving Home

Sally's Sizzling Sausages Co Tom Hixson  Cooked Sausages

2002 - We welcome a sister

We established our first presence online. Our first website was launched. This was soon followed by our sister company, Sally's Sizzling Sausages. They offer a sensational range of gluten free produce.

Outside Smithfields Market Tom Hixson Delivery Box White Delivery Van

2005 – Delivery to your door