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Iberico Pork French Trimmed Racks

Iberico Pork French Trimmed Racks

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These Iberico Pork French Trimmed racks are a great product that combines the famous Iberico taste and the party piece presentation of the French trimmed racks. The pork rack has been French trimmed which essentially means it has been expertly cut so that the bone is exposed along the side of the piece- The result is a rack that has an impressive, clean, professional look and finish. This style is utilised in many restaurants because of its magnificent appearance and, as such, will be perfect for a centre piece at a dinner party.

But what makes this pork rack particularly special is that it is Iberico. The nature of the Iberico pork means it has a unique flavouring that only Iberico animals can boast. They are raised on a natural, healthy diet which includes the famous acorns giving the animals a marvellous, nutty flavour that really makes this lamb rack something a bit special and different. This combines with a tenderness that is exceptional; this is largely down to the life-style of the animals as they are given large open areas to wander around and feed. The pigs have a stress-free existence which results in exceptionally tender pork.

The rack will provide you with 10-12 bones and will be a brilliant joint to roast or slow roast. Having roasted the whole rack, you can, for example, cut them into 3 bone pieces to give each of your guests a visually exciting piece on their plate. Alternatively, you could cut the ribs along each bone for a Barbeque and experience the Iberico pork in a different way.

One rack will be enough to serve up to 8 people.

These Ribs will come frozen to lock in the taste and enable you to enjoy them as and when you please.

Here is a suggested recipe from Jaime Oliver for you to really enjoy your Rack as a roast Spanish style: Recipe here


Grill Marinate & Grill Roast
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Price: £59.95
10 Serving: approx. 8 people
Price per Serving: £7.49


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