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British & New Zealand Lamb Cuts

Here at Tom Hixson wholesale butchers we produce the highest standard of naturally reared and traditionally matured cuts of lamb on the meat market. Our British Lamb produce such as our Irish Wexford Lamb Chumps offer a premium cut of highest quality British lamb heritage. But we don’t just stop there, we also stock New Zealand Lamb produce such as our very own Lamb French Trimmed Racks, which we guarantee will deliver extraordinary texture and flavours to your taste buds. All available to order online.


  • Irish Lamb Ribs

    Irish Lamb Ribs

    Flavourful, affordable, and perfect for the whole family.
    weight: 4kg
    Price: £39.95
  • Lamb French Trimmed Racks

    Lamb French Trimmed Racks

    Our Lamb Ribs are French trimmed by our master butchers. Deliver extraordinary flavours and texture.
    weight: 0.8kg
    Price: £39.95
  • Lamb Shank

    New Zealand Lamb Shank

    Full of aromatic, rich flavours the meat will falls of the bone when slow cooked. Leaving the shank incredibly tender.
    weight: 0.8kg
    Price: £12.95
  • Lamb Leg

    New Zealand Lamb Leg

    Our naturally reared and traditionally matured lamb legs deliver amazing flavours and succulence.
    weight: 2.2kg
    Price: £26.95
  • Lamb Chump

    Fresh New Zealand Lamb Rump Steaks

    This product has had a resurgence in the London restaurant scene. And you can see why. Exquisite taste and texture.
    weight: 2.8kg
    Price: £39.95

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New Zealand lamb is world renowned for its explosively sweet flavour with a tantalizing tender finish, here at Tom Hixson wholesale butchers we believe in consistent quality so deliver just that. Why not sink your teeth into our naturally reared and matured lamb leg varieties? We offer a 2kg & 2.7kg option of our expertly trimmed New Zealand lamb leg which goes to mention, makes the perfect addition to your Sunday roast dinner.

We also stock further cuts of lamb with our New Zealand Lamb Shank option, which is ideal for the perfect braised lamb shank dish. This cut of meat is oozing full of aromatic flavours and is also one of the harder working cuts of the animal, we would suggest slow cooking this cut allowing the meat to become extremely tender, this way the lamb meat will practically fall off the bone.

Now enough of New Zealand lamb cuts let’s talk British lamb, our British lamb meat is naturally reared from a small group of dedicated British and Welsh farmers across the UK delivering the highest quality cuts of lamb money can buy. Why not put us to the test and try our Irish Frozen Trimmed Rack of Lamb? This lamb cut is naturally moist with a tender finish, being French trimmed this simply means the meat along the bones has been ever so slightly shaped for presentation purposes making it the perfect centerpiece to impress your hungry guests.

None of the above tempting your taste buds? Well Tom Hixson’s Lamb Ribs are packing power to the punch when it comes to flavour, cut from the lower part of the rib cage these delicious lamb ribs are more commonly known as lamb spare ribs. Slow cooking these bad boys will allow this cut of meat to tenderise, allowing the meat itself to reduce in toughness providing exquisite flavouring when these lamb ribs are ready to be served.

Lamb is the term used to refer to the meat of a young sheep in their first year of growth, mutton however is the term used for the meat of an adult sheep. Lamb is most often eaten unprocessed and contains a rich supply of your vital vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B12, zinc and iron, as well as being jam packed with protein. Lamb being a red meat means it’s a lot higher source of iron as appose to other meats such as chicken and fish.

For more inspiration and ideas why not take look at our very own Tom Hixson Meaty Recipes? All of our meat is sourced from the finest corners of the world as well as expertly trimmed by are very on specialist’s butchers. After receiving your order, our produce is prepared and packaged in house by our team of specialists and delivered to your door within 72 hours of ordering. If you’re a restaurant looking to place a wholesale lamb order then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our in-house customer service team on 020 7248 3569, collections can also be arranged from our Smithfield office. If you have any further inquiries, please do contact us at