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Lamb Origins

Since our foundation in 1963 we have formed strong working relationships with the finest, naturally reared lamb producers. They take full advance of their luscious surroundings and expertise to deliver produce of sensational quality. Their attentive methods have been refined over many years to optimise the maturity of the meat - ultimately creating exceptional flavours and texture. Order online today to ensuring you receive the finest quality. Delivered at incredible wholesale rates.


  • Lamb French Trimmed Racks

    Lamb French Trimmed Racks

    Our Lamb Ribs are French trimmed by our master butchers. Deliver extraordinary flavours and texture.
    weight: 0.8kg
    Price: £39.95
  • Lamb Shank

    New Zealand Lamb Shank

    Full of aromatic, rich flavours the meat will falls of the bone when slow cooked. Leaving the shank incredibly tender.
    weight: 0.8kg
    Price: £12.95
  • Lamb Leg

    New Zealand Lamb Leg

    Our naturally reared and traditionally matured lamb legs deliver amazing flavours and succulence.
    weight: 2.2kg
    Price: £26.95