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Meat Boxes

Meat Boxes

Meat Boxes

Butcher Meat Box Delivery

We have designed a variety of organic and all-purpose meat boxes containing a range of meats at special discount prices. With packs to suit all types of diets and needs you will be sure to get some great products at a great price. We offer online meat delivery services so that you can enjoy our award winning meat in your own home.


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  • Family Box

    Family Box

    Save £15 with this great value family meat pack. With this deal containing over 50 portions, thats just £1 a portion!
    price per serving: £1.20 weight: 9.86kg
    Price: £60.00
  • Argentine Classic's Box

    Argentine Classic's Box

    2.1 Kg Argentine Beef Rib Eye

    1 Kg Argentine chorizo sausages

    450g Dulce de Leche

    price per serving: £4.42 weight: 3.55kg
    Price: £72.95
  • 15kg Chicken Protein Box - Halal

    15kg Chicken Protein Box - Halal

    15Kg of the finest restaurant quality Tom Hixson Halal chicken breast at a special discount price
    weight: 15kg
    Price: £79.95
  • Protein Pack Chicken Fillet

    15kg Chicken Protein Box

    15kg of the finest restaurant quality Tom Hixson chicken breast at a special discount price.
    weight: 15kg
    Price: £79.95
  • BBQ Box

    BBQ Box

    Argentinian Rib Eye - 2kg
    Traditional Cumberland Sausages - 1.5kg
    USDA Burgers - 2.4kg 

    weight: 6.1kg
    Price: £89.95
  • Iberico Pork Box

    Iberico Pork Box

    Iberico Pork Collar- 2.0kg 

    Iberico Pork Spare Ribs- 1.6kg

    Iberico French Trimmed Pork Rack- 2kg 

    Iberico Pork Abanico- 0.8kg

    price per serving: £4.76 weight: 6.4kg
    Price: £119.00
  • Burgers Vs Bangers Box

    Burgers Vs Bangers Box

    Traditional Cumberlands - 1.5kg
    Traditional Meaty Pork - 1.5kg
    Traditional Pork and Leek - 1.5kg
    USDA Burgers - 2.4kg
    Wagyu Burgers - 2.4kg
    Marrow Burgers - 0.86kg

    price per serving: £2.98 weight: 10.16kg
    Price: £119.00
  • Smokers BBQ Box

    Smokers BBQ Box

    Boston Butt - 4kg
    USDA Brisket - 4.5kg
    Iberico Spare Ribs - 1.1kg
    St Louis Ribs - 3kg

    price per serving: £2.52 weight: 12.6kg
    Price: £122.00
  • Ultimate protein box

    Ultimate Protein Box

    Chicken Breast Fillet 5Kg

    Unsmoked back bacon 2.27Kg

    Pork Fillet 2x 0.6Kg

    Black label Argentine beef Rump Heart  2x 2.4Kg

    price per serving: £3.26 weight: 13.27kg
    Price: £130.70
  • Ribs Box

    Ribs Box

    Iberico Spare Ribs - 1.6kg USDA short ribs - 3.1kg St Louis Pork Ribs - 5.4kg Lamb Ribs - 2.9kg
    weight: 13kg
    Price: £149.00
  • Deluxe BBQ Box

    Deluxe BBQ Box

    Iberico Collar- 2.0kg
    Iberico Spare Ribs- 1.6kg
    USDA Short Ribs- 4.5kg
    USDA Burgers- 12x200g
    Wagyu Burgers- 12x200g

    price per serving: £2.71 weight: 12.9kg
    Price: £175.00
  • Argentine Beef Meat Feast Box

    Argentine Beef Meat Feast Box

    2.1 Kg Argentine Beef Rib Eye

    1.8 Kg Argentine Beef Fillet

    2.45 Kg Argentine Beef Rump heart

    1 Kg Argentine chorizo sausages

    price per serving: £5.23 weight: 7.35kg
    Price: £185.00


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At Tom Hixson we offer a range of meat boxes perfect for getting a bulk discount on your next party food or even if you just want to save money on your weekly shop. No matter your preference with meat or your dietary requirements our butcher boxes are designed for all sorts of occasions including our Christmas meat box range as well as Argentine Beef and BBQ Boxes.

As Christmas is fast approaching we also provide seasonal meat boxes, perfect for feeding a family throughout the holidays. If you are playing host to a large gathering of your family and friends look no further than our Deluxe Family Hamper or Large Turkey, delivered with all the trimmings. Ensure to pair any Christmas turkey with some of our Streaky Bacon to ensure a juicy bird that doesn’t dry out.

Alternatively if you want a different seasonal meat for Christmas you could opt for our Roast Beef Box makes a great holiday option. We deliver an Aberdeen Angus rib eye roast that could easily feed even a large group, with plenty left over for Boxing Day! Also included in this food box are an unsmoked gammon joint (4.2kg) and a delicious Pork Loin (4kg) in addition to pigs in blankets and other great Christmas appetisers.

If you’re looking to win over a summer party with the perfect BBQ then Tom Hixson’s has a range of meat packages for you. If you just want good quality meat, that’s easy to cook and that people will love our Burgers vs. Bangers Box or Ribs Box is exactly what you need. Our BvB box is great for spontaneous cook outs, with small cooking times for our Burger range, which includes the bone marrow as well as prized Wagyu beef in delicious burger patties. If you want to cook succulent meat that falls off the bone get your smoker going and glaze the contents of our Ribs box with a homemade BBQ glaze.

We also offer a premium range of BBQ meat boxes perfect for a special occasion, if your preferred method of barbequing meat is smoking then we recommend the Smokers BBQ Box. This will give your event a delicious centre piece in our Boston Butt (5.2Kg) which when slow cooked over smoked wood shavings delivers an unbeatable flavour, simply pull apart once ready and add in some sticky BBQ sauce. Also included are USDA Brisket (6Kg) and two racks of ribs, Iberico (1.45Kg) and St. Louis (4.6Kg).

Protein is essential to building and maintaining muscle mass, for many that means spending a lot of money on low quality meats to try and absorb the necessary nutrition. Our Ultimate Protien Box is headed up with our chicken breast fillets (5Kg) that contain zero bulking agents and 31g of protein per 100g, in addition the meta bundle contains bacon (2.27Kg), pork fillets (2x0.6Kg) as well as Uruguyan grass fed beef rump (2x4Kg).

Our Chicken Protein Box (15kg) is a no nonsense meat box designed for athletes and those looking to reduce the amount of fat in their meat. As mentioned all of our chicken is 100% meat, with no additives or bulking agents like the chicken you find in supermarkets, buying in bulk also means the price per kilo is actually better than many normal stores. In addition we also offer a Halal option for no extra cost.

Delivery of all our online meat boxes is done by courier, with all product being transported in our triple layered cardboard boxes, the interior of the box is also lined with bubble wrap to reduce damage during transit and silver lining which ensures your meat is safe for up to 2 hours from dispatch.

Tom Hixson’s always aims for a two day turnaround from order date to delivery, please see our dedicated delivery page for More Details .