Miguel Vergara

When it comes to premium beef, Miguel Vergara are a group who specialise in providing a truly sensational selection of produce.

This family-run producer combines inherited traditions and the highest standards of quality and excellence to bring you cuts that are exquisitely flavoured and textured. From careful breeding to their meticulous selection process, Miguel Vergara choose only the very best cattle to produce their Aberdeen Angus beef. Raised in conditions of the highest possible standards for an enhanced taste experience, Miguel Vergara provides premium beef from field to table, without the use of any intermediaries.

Miguel Vergara has a true passion for livestock breeding and is fully committed to animal welfare. This is to ensure animals are well cared for during their rearing, as well as aiding the overall quality of the beef produced. It’s this careful consideration that makes Miguel Vergara so different from many other producers, making them a leading name when it comes to quality Spanish beef.

An Industry Leader

With over 30 years experience in the industry, Miguel Vergara have continued to focus on tradition and heritage, two elements which have become part of the group's key values. They are a leader in the European meat industry, with the largest feedlots in Spain and the largest herd of selected livestock.

The group have around 30,000 beasts of different races, with each animal being allocated the space and capacity to move around with plenty of freedom.

Within their meticulous processes, every detail counts. This is what results in the exceptional quality meat that Miguel Vergara produce.

Environmental Respect

Miguel Vergara is a producer that takes great steps to help limit their impact on the environment. As well as being the first Spanish farm to be fully certified by Animal Welfare, Aenor Welfare ™, they are also certified to the highest European standards for the key areas of animal welfare: accommodation, food, health and behaviour.

Miguel Vergara also carries out their practices using a sustainable production model, one that participates in the Life Beef Carbon Project to help reduce greenhouse gases.

Our Range

At Tom Hixson of Smithfield, we provide a range of Aberdeen Angus beef from this superb producer. Our Miguel Vergara beef selection features various cuts, including brisket, sirloin, ribs, chuck, ribeye and more. Each cut from within the Miguel Vergara range offers truly sensational flavours due to its exceptional marbling and unique textures.