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Our bacon is sourced from the best, award winning producers. They share our commitment to naturally reared pork. This delivers the most outstanding flavours and texture. Each bacon maker has their own traditional curing methods - perfected over many years. Whether smoked over oakwood or lightly salted, every step is taken ensure the finest quality. Order online today and try our award winning bacon. Delivered to you at phenomenal wholesale prices.


  • Smoked Ayrshire Streaky

    Smoked Ayrshire Streaky

    This bacon has been perfectly crafted our expert Scottish producers. Made from naturally reared pork our Smoked Streaky offers up sensational flavours and texture.
    price per serving: £1.48 weight: 1kg
    Price: £14.78
  • Unsmoked Streaky Bacon

    Unsmoked Streaky Bacon

    A crispy, tasty bacon - which will bring exquisite flavours to your meal.
    price per serving: £1.41 weight: 2.27kg
    Price: £14.07
  • Unsmoked Back Bacon

    Unsmoked Back Bacon

    A gentle but delightful taste illuminates the fine quality of the produce.
    price per serving: £1.34 weight: 2.27kg
    Price: £13.39
  • Smoked Streaky Bacon

    Smoked Streaky Bacon

    The finest pork bellies are smoked using our traditional methods. The results of brilliantly delicious.
    price per serving: £1.52 weight: 2.27kg
    Price: £15.21
  • Smoked Back Bacon

    Smoked Back Bacon

    Our trusted smoking methods lock in exceptional flavours within the finest loin cuts.
    price per serving: £1.45 weight: 2.27kg
    Price: £14.53


Bacon is the most popular cut of pork from a pig. Although we typically think of the swine variation, bacon can be cut from most animals including turkey and cow (beef). In Britain we typically prefer dry cured back bacon, which is cut from the pork loin and then rubbed with salt to preserve the meat while it dries in a cool place, typically a meat locker. However dry curing bacon at home is surprisingly easy and can be done as long as you have the space to keep the pork cut fresh until it’s ready for slicing.

Streaky bacon (sometimes called side bacon) is often used as a means to add flavour and keep the exterior of meats like chicken and turkey moist. The thicker rashers of streaky bacon add plenty of flavour due to the additional fat running through the meat, preventing drying out after longer cooking times.

Americans prefer streaky bacon, as such you will usually see this slightly fatter bacon in many everyday US recipes, in England we typically only use streaky bacon rashers in breakfast dishes such as crispy bacon pancakes or as part of a fry up.

British back bacon, on the other hand, is considerably higher in meat content, with a thin rind of fat following down one side. In the US our traditional rashers are known as Canadian Bacon, whilst not uncommon you will have to ask for this specifically if you are ever across the pond.

Ordinarily we serve smoked back bacon, which gives an additional flavour through smoked wood shavings. Some people can find this smoky flavour overwhelming for their purposes so for those we also carry unsmoked back bacon, ideal if you prefer to make your own bacon rub seasoning for your meals, enabling you to tailor the meat to your taste.

For those looking for a premium British bacon we also offer our smoked Ayrshire streaky bacon, produced in Scotland by heritage producers using free range pigs selected by farmers for the best quality meat, then smoked to enhance the excellent flavour to create a great breakfast treat.

When it comes to cooking bacon there are a number of fantastic bacon recipes suitable for anyone. When creating an English breakfast you will want to stick to your English back bacon, however, if you are creating an American inspired dish your best bet is to pair it with streaky bacon one great example is bacon pancakes with maple syrup for a sweet breakfast treat.

What bacon to use will also come down to personal taste, when creating a signature BLT many recipes call on streaky bacon as the extra fat will deliver a more flavourful sandwich, but if you want a slightly leaner BLT just opt to add in some British back bacon instead.

Our dedicated producers are free-range pig farmers and let their swine roam outdoors throughout their lives. Our exclusive range of pork from Hampshire, Berkshire and Gloucester Old Spot boars. These breeds offer a superior eating quality, through enhanced flavour, tenderness and succulence. Each product is expertly trimmed by our master butchers before it's delivered to you. Order online today and taste our award winning pork. Available at unbeatable, wholesale prices.