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Unsmoked Bacon

The slight saltiness of our traditional recipe helps to draw out the flavours of the meat without dominating them. This creates a gentle taste, with the quality and succulence of the produce speaking for itself. Order online today and taste our award winning unsmoked bacon. Delivered at incredible wholesale prices.


  • Unsmoked Streaky Bacon

    Unsmoked Streaky Bacon

    A crispy, tasty bacon - which will bring exquisite flavours to your meal.
    price per serving: £1.41 weight: 2.27kg
    Price: £14.07
  • Unsmoked Back Bacon

    Unsmoked Back Bacon

    A gentle but delightful taste illuminates the fine quality of the produce.
    price per serving: £1.34 weight: 2.27kg
    Price: £13.39