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Rindless Back Bacon

Our rindless bacon is expertly sliced from the leanest and most tender loin cuts. They have been skilfully trimmed of the rind and excess fat to ensure the perfect balance of profound flavours. Buy online today and try our sensational bacon. We guarantee the finest quality delivered to you at incredible wholesale prices.


  • Unsmoked Back Bacon

    Unsmoked Back Bacon

    A gentle but delightful taste illuminates the fine quality of the produce.
    price per serving: £1.34 weight: 2.27kg
    Price: £13.39
  • Smoked Back Bacon

    Smoked Back Bacon

    Our trusted smoking methods lock in exceptional flavours within the finest loin cuts.
    price per serving: £1.45 weight: 2.27kg
    Price: £14.53