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Dingley Dell

Dingley Dell Pork

We are proud to be partnering with Dingley Dell Farms producers of some of the UK's finest pork. Dingley Dell are third-generation family farmers and brothers with a deep love and respect for the countryside and agriculture. Founded over 15 years ago their philosophy is of animal welfare, taste and sustainability. Unique Red Duroc Marbling Programme On their farm they produce their own breeding stock. They have a herd of pure Red Durocs which they scan to assess the level of intramuscular fat (imf) or marbling. They then breed Red Durocs solely on marbling scores, thus ensuring that in each generation produced they are increasing the marbling each time. 


  • Dingley Dell | Pork Bone In Pork Loin

    Dingley Dell | Pork Bone In Pork Loin

    From Red Duroc breeds this bone in pork loin is full of flavour with the bone left in and its natural marbling you can expect an exceptional meaty taste, perfect for roasting.
    weight: 6.2kg
    Price: £54.95
  • Dingley Dell | Skin on Boneless Pork Belly

    Dingley Dell | Skin on Boneless Pork Belly

    This skin on boneless pork belly from Red Duroc breeds has a perfect layer of fat which will crisp beautifully when cooked. The sensational marbling throughout also creates a delicious, rich and sweet flavour.
    weight: 3.5kg
    Price: £49.95