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A5 Japanese Wagyu Kobe Sirloin Steak BMS 9
A5 Japanese Wagyu Kobe Sirloin Steak BMS 9A5 Japanese Wagyu Kobe Sirloin Steak BMS 9A5 Japanese Wagyu Kobe Sirloin Steak BMS 9

A5 Japanese Wagyu Kobe Sirloin Steak BMS 9

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A5 Japanese Kobe Sirloin Steak (BMS 9) | 160g
Origin: Japan
Prefecture: Hyogo
Breed: Kobe Wagyu
Feed: High quality grains, corn, soybean, wheat, grass and rice straw
Quality Source: A5
Marbling Score: BMS 9

Kobe, in short, is a variety of Wagyu. Wagyu, loosely translated, means “Japanese cattle” (“Wa-” meaning Japanese or Japanese-style, and “-gyu” meaning cow or cattle). So “Wagyu” refers to any cattle that is bred in Japan or the Japanese-style. Kobe beef is comprised of a very particular strain of Wagyu called Tajima-Gyu that is raised to strict standards in the prefecture of Hyogo. (Hyogo’s capital city is Kobe, thus the name).

So what sets Wagyu apart from other kinds of cattle? And what makes Kobe beef so special that it regularly commands the highest per-pound prices on the market?

The difference comes down to selection, care, feeding, and the obsessive, extraordinary efforts of Wagyu breeders. 

In combination to their superior genetics, Japanese farmers go the extra mile with their unique rearing techniques. Japanese farmers massage the Wagyu cattle daily, sometimes with saké (Japanese rice wine), to enable a better blood circulation and to help the marbling. Classical music is played to them as a relaxation and feeding technique such as adding beer yeast to improve digestion. Of course, these techniques are not applied by all the farmers.

Japanese cattle are milk-fed with ancient cereals added to their diet in the first 3 months. After 3 months, the calves are fed with a mix of crop silage such as grass, rice straws and cereals like corn, soybean, and wheat. Japanese calves are mostly fed for an average of 900 days, and each farmer will use his own special feeding diet, adapted to his cattle, the environment and the result he is looking for.

Japan has the highest and strictest beef standards in the world. The grading of meat is managed by the Japanese Meat Grading Association. The overall grade consists of two grades: Yield Grade (designated by a letter) and Quality Grade (designated by numbers).

Yield Grade - (A to C) measures the amount of usable meat on a carcass and range from A (the highest) to C (the lowest).

Quality grade - (1 to 5) is calculated by evaluating four different factors and each factor is graded from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest score. The factors being marbling insensitivity, colour brightness, texture and meat quality.

Beef Marble Score: (1 to 12) the marbling score determines how intense the marbling is, on a scale of 12 (the highest) to 1 (the lowest). The higher marbling creates insane melt in your mouth flavours and textures.

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