The Hixson's Bestseller Bundle
The Hixson's Bestseller Bundle

The Hixson's Bestseller Bundle

£27.00 / kg
Serves (estimate based on 200g per portion)
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A whopping 5kg of meat all in one pack for just £135. With a saving of £9.85!

Included in the The Hixson's Bestsellers Box:
- 1x Black Label Argentine Sirloin (Rioplatense) | 2.2kg | RRP £80
- 1x Te Mana French Trimmed Lamb Rack | 0.6kg | RRP £24.95
- 1x Asado Wexford Valley Short Ribs (Sliced Across The Bone) | 1kg | RRP £16.95
- 8x Marrow Dry-Aged Steak Burgers | RRP £22.95

Introducing the Hixson's Bestsellers Box,
This fantastic meat box is a combination our best selling products that our customers know and love!  purchase for all your summer barbecues. Jam-packed with quality meat, including cuts that are ideal for barbecuing & roasting. Our bestsellers meat box features the ever-popular Black Label Argentine Sirloin, alongside firm favourites, Te Mana French Trimmed Rack, Asado Wexford Valley Short Ribs and the Marrow Dry-Aged Steak Burgers. These much-loved cuts can create an array of tasty dishes, all conveniently in our best sellers bundles.

Black Label Argentine Sirloin (Rioplatense)
This cut benefits from the natural skill of our Argentine producers who ensure that, through their careful efforts, the cattle live a tranquil and relaxed lifestyle. This results in beef that is wonderfully tender. From Hereford and Angus breeds, which are world renowned for consistently delivering exceptional flavour. Suitable to roasting or treated as individual steaks where the process of cooking will release more flavours into the beef as it tenderises.

Te Mana French Trimmed Lamb Rack
Coming all the way from New Zealand is our unique Te Mana Lamb Racks that's specifically bred to create a wagyu style marbling on a micro scale! A rare find in lamb which can be used in a variety of ways, from a lovely slow roast to grilled steaks on the grill. (This product is frozen. It could begin to thaw out during delivery process. Therefore we do not advise refreezing it once you receive it.)

Asado Wexford Valley Short Ribs
Reared naturally upon open grassy pastures, our Irish cattle produces beef of exceptional quality. Skillfully cut across the bone by our master butchers. Delivering sublime flavours and irresistible succulence for the BBQ season and beyond.These ribs are a favourite in South America and are enjoyed on the traditional Asado grill, therefore a must try for all BBQ enthusiasts.

Marrow Dry-Aged Steak Burgers
Make quick and easy burger with our 28 day dry-aged beef burgers patties with special added ingredient, marrow butter. Expect full juicy flavour and satisfaction guaranteed. Perfect under the grill or on the BBQ.

We are constantly working on finding the best produce from around the world for our customers to sample! Our meat boxes will be changing sporadically throughout the year, showing off our new produce that you don't want to miss out on!

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