Kangaroo Fillet (2)
Kangaroo Fillet (2)

Kangaroo Fillet (2)

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Serves (estimate based on 200g per portion)
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Perhaps you've never had Kangaroo meat before, in which case this is a good time to take your taste buds on a new taste adventure. Start with this intensely flavourful, and mouth watering Kangaroo Fillet

Kangaroo meat is not only delicious to eat, but beneficial too with it being a firm favourite amongst worldwide health organisations. It’s low levels of cholesterol and fat, combined with its high levels of protein make this meat very versatile for all customers. Our recommendations when cooking this exquisite steak would be to aim to not overcook it. Medium rare produces the most exciting experience. We recommend this simply due to the kangaroo being minimal in fat already.

You will receive 2 portioned frozen fillets.

This product is dispatched frozen, and may thaw out during the courier process. Therefore, this product isn't suitable for refreezing.

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