Miguel Vergara Brisket
Miguel Vergara Brisket

Miguel Vergara Aberdeen Angus Brisket

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This extraordinary whole packer Miguel Vergara Brisket is taking the BBQ and Smoker scene by storm here in the UK. 

The marbling is superior to some Wagyu we have seen in the past. 

27+ portions per piece

This intramuscular fat on this superb Miguel Vergara Brisket protects the meat from drying out during slow and low cooking leaving the end result wonderfully moist. Once it renders out, the marbling creates a wonderful array of flavour too. 

Origin: Raised in between the meadows of Salamanca and the mountains of Leon in Spain. These surroundings offer a tranquil lifestyle for the herd.

Farmer: Miguel Vergara. Their process is considered the highest standard in animal welfare, with comfortable conditions specifically created to maximize development of the colour, juiciness and intra-muscular fat.

Breed: Aberdeen Angus. A tranquil and docile temper are the personality features of this breed, that give its meat a unique flavour and texture. These attributes, alongside the special breeding of the animals under strict parameters that guarantee its welfare, allow the greatest kitchens to enjoy this superior Spanish beef.

Diet:300 day grain fed. Mixing top-quality cereals, legumes, oils (mainly soybeans) and straw to provide a balanced diet adjusted to the needs of each phase of growth.

Condition: This is a fresh product. You will receive it chilled and is suitable for home freezing.

Need cooking inspiration? Check out Marcus from Country Wood Smoke smoking one of our briskets Texan style.

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