steak gift box
steak gift box

Steak Celebration Box

Serves 11 (estimate based on 200g per portion)
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Celebrating a birthday or anniversary? Then our steak gift box is the perfect way to mark a special occasion. This latest bundle from Tom Hixson of Smithfield is full to the brim with fantastic produce. Our steak gift box is ideal for gifting to someone special, or serving up gourmet recipes and restaurant quality meals for all those special occasions. Containing a huge 2.3kg of superb quality steaks, our latest bundle is the ultimate way to indulge when it comes to those all important dates. 

What's Included?
- Wexford Valley Tomahawk Steak | 0.9kg | RRP £35
- Irish Fillet Head | 0.8kg | RRP £20
- 2 x Irish Rib End Steaks | 0.6kg | RRP £15

That's £70 worth of produce for just £50! 

So not only are you receiving superb quality meat, you're also saving a huge £20 when you purchase our steak gift box instead of buying the produce individually. 

Wexford Valley Tomahawk Steak
Dubbed 'The King of steak' the Tomahawk is an outstanding piece of meat that includes the full length of the bone to enhance the taste of this flavoursome cut. Also great for impressing guests too due to it's elegant appearance.

Irish Fillet Head
The Irish Fillet Head is an exquisite cut of beef, offering a fantastic combination of tenderness and flavour. Reared on a grass-fed diet, you can expect only the finest quality when you dine out on this superb Irish fillet. 

Irish Rib End Steaks
This particular cut is sure to delight. Cut from the ribeye joint, these highly revered steaks are known globally for their superb tenderness and subtle yet sublime flavours. 

Cooking Tips 
Need some inspiration? Check out our video below and watch top chef Harvey Ayliffe cook the perfect steak. Also, be sure to avoid these common mistakes when cooking steak to ensure perfect results every time. 

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