Tom Hixson of Smithfield Butcher's Paper
Tom Hixson of Smithfield Butcher's Paper

Tom Hixson of Smithfield Butcher's Paper

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We are excited to announce that we have produced branded butcher paper for BBQ and smoker enthusiasts!

Most often used as a basket / tray liner as well as carry-out wrap for meat.

An essential item for competition smoking and authentic Texan BBQ cooking. It is particularly effective as it's not airtight, the meat can breathe to a certain extent but still keeps heat in.

- Huge 18” x 150 ft Roll - 100% FDA Approved Unwaxed Butcher Paper.
- Great for Storing, cooking, serving, wrapping and smoking meats.
- Authentic USA Made (Oren International). Used by the world's best pitmasters like Franklin's BBQ.

Wilson's BBQ smoking one of our Australian Wagyu Briskets with our Tom Hixson of Smithfield Butcher's Paper. Check out more of his authentic Texas style barbecue cooking here.

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