Wexford Valley Spider Steak
Wexford Valley Spider Steak

Wexford Valley Spider Steak

Serves 5 (estimate based on 200g per portion)
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Origin: Wexford Valley
Diet: Grass Fed
Provenance: The farmers of Wexford Valley continue the beef rearing traditions of this region. Breeding the finest select breeds in luscious grasslands. The herds' stress free lifestyle makes this spider steak extra tender and the taste is consistently superb.
Butcher's notes: Also known as Oyster Steak and Pope's Eye, the spider steak is one of those crafty, rare cuts that we often keep for ourselves. The name comes from the look, it resembles a Spider's web. It comes from the hip of the cow. It takes a lot of skill to get the cut right for a spider steak because there is plenty of fat in this part of the cow.
Culinary inspiration: A unique and rare cut. Full of flavour with superior marbling. Grill over high heat, turning the spider steak only once after a rich, golden crust has formed...do not go beyond a medium. Three minutes a side should be more than enough for a medium-rare.

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