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Salt Aged Hampshire Pork Porterhouse Steak

Salt Aged Hampshire Pork Porterhouse Steak

Award Winning Traditionally Matured Naturally Reared


Origin: Co. Cavan, Ireland
Farmer: Luke Bogue
Breed: The black and white Hampshire pig is one of the oldest breeds still in existence today.
Diet: Luke on-site, mills and mixes his own blend of grains for feed to develop the predisposed flavours in the meat.
Ageing: Traditional methods of dry ageing and maturation are used to help transform the tenderness and taste of the pork.
Butcher's note: very few butchers produce this cut. Visibly impressive with exquisite taste to match.
Culinary inspiration: an impressive alternative to a traditional steak night.
Awards: multi-year wins at Great Taste and International Taste Institute.
Condition: this is a FROZEN product. It is not suitable for refreezing.

Grill Fry
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