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Salt Moss Aged Porterhouse Steak (T-Bone)

Salt Moss Aged Porterhouse Steak (T-Bone)

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Origin: Kettyle Farms
Diet: Grass Fed
Provenance: created using a new concept which uses a very unique dry ageing process, please be acquainted with Salt Moss Ageing. The first of it's kind by using key ingredients extra virgin Irish oriel sea salt and Irish sea moss and by keeping the beef enclosed in a salt moss cave under specific ageing conditions, a steak like no other has been created.
Culinary inspiration: a steak night show stopper.
Butcher's notes: includes the part of fillet and sirloin, so you can sample two parts of this phenomenal beef.
Condition: this is a fresh product. You'll receive it chilled.

Grill Fry Marinate & Grill
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