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Here at Tom Hixson online butchers we only source and sell the highest quality premium sausages online. Working directly with the finest and highly skilled sausage makers to bring you our exclusive selection of award winning Pork Sausages, Beef Sausage and specialty Gluten Free Sausages. All of our sausages are made with the best quality cuts of pork/beef and the freshest ingredients for an incredibly meaty, delicious and juicy taste, only found in premium gourmet British sausages. 


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  • Scottish Black Pudding Stick

    Scottish Black Pudding Stick

    Essential to any full english breakfast
    weight: 1.8kg
    Price: £12.95
  • Burgers Vs Bangers Box

    Burgers Vs Bangers Box

    Traditional Cumberlands - 1.5kg
    Traditional Meaty Pork - 1.5kg
    Traditional Pork and Leek - 1.5kg
    USDA Burgers - 2.4kg
    Wagyu Burgers - 2.4kg
    Marrow Burgers - 0.86kg

    price per serving: £2.98 weight: 10.16kg
    Price: £119.00
  • sausage meat

    Pork Sausage meat (for stuffing)

    Our pork sausage meat is ideal for your homemade stuffing or sausage rolls and goes really well with our turkey butterfly.
    price per serving: £1 weight: 0.45kg
    Price: £4.00
  • Pigs in blankets

    Pigs in blankets

    These pigs in blankets serve a large family and are the perfect appetiser to accompany your christmas party this holiday season.
    weight: 1kg
    Price: £13.95
  • Cumberland Traditional Sausage

    Gluten free Pork Sausages

    Exceptional flavours, meatiness and juiciness.
    weight: 1.5kg
    Price: £12.00
  • Argentine Chorizo Sausage

    Argentine Chorizo Pork & Beef Sausages

    Full of intense, rich flavours our Argentine Chorizo Sausages are perfect for grilling.
    price per serving: £1.05 weight: 1kg
    Price: £10.95
  • Chorizo Link Sausage

    Chorizo Link Pork Sausages

    Illuminates any meal with excellent flavours. Ideal for an authentic Spanish paella.
    weight: 2.4kg
    Price: £22.95
  • Gluten Free Pork & Herb Traditional Sausages

    Gluten Free Pork & Herb Traditional Sausages

    A prize winning product, delivering all the delicious flavours you'd expect. Gluten Free.
    price per serving: £1.20 weight: 1.5kg
    Price: £12.00
  • Beef Sausages

    Beef Traditional Sausages

    An amazing mix of herb and spices with our stunning British Beef makes this sausage a real knock out.
    price per serving: £1.08 weight: 1.5kg
    Price: £9.75
  • Pork and Leek Sausages

    Pork & Leek Trad Sausages

    Distinctive, delightful sausages.
    price per serving: £0.99 weight: 1.5kg
    Price: £8.95
  • Lincolnshire Sausage

    Lincolnshire Trad Pork SausageS

    Fantastic flavours and texture are guaranteed with this sausage.
    price per serving: £0.97 weight: 1.5kg
    Price: £8.70
  • Cumberland Cocktail Sausage

    Cumberland Pork Cocktail Sausages

    Delightful bite size sausages - incredibly tasty and meaty.
    price per serving: £0.69 weight: 1kg
    Price: £6.90


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British Sausage & Breakfast Sausage

Our gourmet sausages are the best value in the market, as we sell direct to wholesale ensuing that the value remains as low as possible while the quality is of the highest standard. Many of our sausage packs are available at 1.5kg offering a very low price per portion (much lower than the supermarket and other online sausage shop alternatives).

The sausages from our online store are created using the finest cuts of British pork, beef as well as great meat sourced from across the globe, like our Argentine Beef and Chorizo Link Pork Sausages that deliver a great South American beef flavour coupled with rich, spicy chorizo sausage. All our sausages come with a high meat content (80-95%), which gives a premium sausage that is lower in fat and higher in protein than traditional supermarket alternatives.

Our gourmet pork sausage range includes classic flavours like Lincolnshire Sausages and Cumberland Sausages, also available in Cocktail Sized Sausages ideal for parties and events, as well as great original flavours like Pork & Leek that are a great twist on our classic meat range. Each of our pork sausages are made by hand and sold after rigorous quality and taste tests to ensure the sausages we sell at our online store are of the highest quality possible.

Are you looking to order speciality sausages to meet your specific dietary needs? For example many people are unaware at the presence of wheat in traditional sausage. As such we also offer gluten free sausage variations of our Traditional British Sausage and our why not try our GF Pork and Herb Bangers.

In the traditional British sausage, as the perfect accompaniment for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The standard ingredient in a perfect fry up, BBQ grill, or the ideal accompaniment to creamy mash for a wholesome sausage family meal. Our range covers breakfast sausages, our Meaty Chipolatas, as well as Scottish Black Pudding which is an ideal addition to any dry up. For more inspiration and alternative recipes and meals that can be made with our award-winning pork sausage, including casseroles and many more read our Foodie Recipes from Tom Hixson. Try one of our chef created sausage recipes and make sure you buy our sausage online today for the best value (18 sausages a pack) to make a family meal or as a great addition to any BBQ.

Italian & Spanish Sausage Selection

If you’re looking for similar sausage products then our deli collection offers some fantastic alternatives to our British sausage range. For a Catalan style flavour in your dish try our Spanish Chorizo Stick that is packed full of seasoned high quality taste with a little heat. Alternatively we also stock Italian Salami, buy online today from one of the two authentic Italian sausages we stock here. The Napoli Salami and Milano Salami are perfect to create the ideal Charcuterie Board for your next party or event.

Are you looking for fresh, premium high quality sausages? Why not buy your next pack of sausages online here at Tom Hixson’s online butchers.

We also stock a wide range of other meat products online such as; pork, beef (wagyu, fillet, rib-eye, rump steaks, beef burgers or our premium chicken to name but a few. We offer chilled deliver to the majority of the UK mainland (apart from some parts of Scottish Highlands) in boxes that keep the products fresh for up to 48 hours. We can get the products to you Tuesday to Saturday all within 48 hours of ordering. Collection options can also be arranged from our Smithfield Office, please call 020 7248 3569 to place a collection order. If you have any further questions either email us at or call on 020 7248 3569.