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Smoke House

Smoke House

Smoke House

Smoke House

Introducing the Tom Hixson Smoke House. This Summer get stuck into our Smoker's paradise with delicious meats from all over the world. From awarding winning USDA brisket to the ever popular Boston Pork Butt find everything you need here. Whether you are an expert Smoker or new to the game our new Smoker's Box Summer Edition is now available and includes everything you need to have a show stopping smoke&fire session.


  • Burgers & Brisket Box

    Burgers & Brisket Box

    Check out this exclusive BBQ pairing including 10 6oz x USDA beef burgers and a 5kg Angus Brisket. .
    weight: 6.7kg
    Price: £99.95
  • Angus Brisket

    Angus Brisket

    A firm favourite amongst our bbq enthusiasts. If you master your smoker, you're guaranteed a tender joint packed full of flavours. With complete traceability, we've partnered with expert farmer who hand select the finest British & Irish Angus cattle.
    weight: 4.5kg
    Price: £59.95
  • Smoker's Box | Summer Edition (SAVE £30)

    Smoker's Box | Summer Edition (SAVE £30)

    Boston Butt - 4.5kg
    12 Marrow Burgers 1.72kg
    Angus Brisket 4.5kg
    Iberico Spare Ribs - 1.7kg
    Baby Back Loin Ribs - 1.2kg

    weight: 13.62kg
    Price: £139.00
  • St Louis Pork Ribs

    St Louis Pork Ribs

    Our St Louis Ribs deliver the taste of the Deep South. An essential for any barbecuer.
    weight: 5.2kg
    Price: £52.95
  • Boston pork Butt

    Boston pork Butt

    This fantastic pork cut is ideal for any BBQ with wonderful flavours and texture.
    weight: 4.5kg
    Price: £39.95
  • Australian Brisket

    Australian Brisket

    A favourite amongst bbqers, this cut produces incredible texture and flavours.
    weight: 6kg
    Price: £89.95
  • USDA Brisket

    USDA Brisket

    The USDA name carries it's own reputation these briskets are no exception. Brilliantly marbled, juicy and textured once cooked.
    weight: 5kg
    Price: £119.00
  • Australian Wagyu Brisket

    Australian Wagyu Brisket

    A favourite amongst bbqers, this cut produces incredible texture and flavours.
    weight: 7kg
    Price: £189.00
  • Marrow Beef Burgers (6)

    Marrow Beef Burgers (6)

    Our extra flavoursome and juicy burgers will never dissapoint, using only the highest quality ingredients, perfect for any occasion.
    weight: 0.86kg
    Price: £19.95