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Boston Pork Butt
Weight: 4.5kg (Total)
RRP: £39.95
Notes: The Boston Butt is a US classic and is extremely popular amongst BBQ and smoker enthusiasts. The cut comes from the upper shoulder of the front leg. Perfect pulled pork can be achieved here!

Marrow Beef Burgers (6)
Weight: 0.86kg (Total)
RRP: £19.95
Notes: 28 day dry-aged beef burgers made with marrow butter. These delicious high quality burgers are like no other burger you will have tasted, the marrow butter adds an extra level of moistness and flavour which makes them truly exceptional. You will receive 6 individual burgers. This product is frozen to lock in flavours for longer.

Australian Brisket
Origin: Australia
Weight: 5.2kg (Total)
RRP: £89.95
Notes:Taken from the breast section beneath the first five ribs, behind the foreshank, brisket is perfect for a barbeque or smoker. These methods lend themselves to this cut as the meat can withstand the heat while the fat covering - encouraged by a grain fed finish - brings out all its sensational flavours.

Iberico Spare Ribs
Origin: Spain
Breed: Iberico
Weight: 1.7kg (Total)
RRP: £29.95
Notes: Iberico pigs are given a lot of freedom to roam around and have a relaxed, calm existence. This lack of stress and tension ensures great tenderness and succulent pork. Their infamous diet includes acorns and results a nutty flavour and exquisite marbling a winner when smoked or put on the BBQ. This product is frozen to lock in flavours for longer.

Baby Back Ribs
Weight: 0.75kg (Total)
RRP: £19.95
Notes: Expertly carved by our master butchers from the top of the rib cage between the spine and the spare ribs, below the loin muscle. A little taste of heaven - hard hitting with indulgent and marvelous flavours. This product is frozen to lock in flavours for longer.

Grill Roast Braise
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