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Introducing our Autumn Smokers box. Bigger and better than ever including five different cuts of meat perfect for smoking or firing up on the BBQ. The go to box for any event this Summer or alternatively freeze and enjoy as and when you need it.
The Boston Butt is a US classic and is extremely popular across the pond. They simply love smoking these and having a bit of pulled pork- and once you taste some of your own you will see why. The cut itself comes from the upper shoulder of the front leg and is a lean piece of pork perfect for a BBQ.

We have also included our Baby Back Ribs, expertly carved by our master butchers from the top of the rib cage between the spine and the spare ribs, below the loin muscle. A little taste of heaven - hard hitting with indulgent and marvellous flavours. The Ribs are frozen to lock in the amazing taste.
The Iberico ribs are a perfect piece for the low and slow method. This will really enhance the notorious Iberico flavours and elevate your spare ribs above regular pork. Iberico pork has a distinctive nutty flavour born from the pig’s acorn diet and this really sets it apart. It is also an elite brand of pork due to the marbling and natural qualities of the pork that provide a tenderness that borders on being creamy at times. It you combine this with a wonderful sticky marinade you will be onto a winner.
Also in the mix are our 28-day dry aged beef burgers made with marrow butter. These delicious high quality burgers are like no other burger you would have tasted, ten are included within this box.

Finally, the smokers dream, beef Brisket. Our Australian Grain Fed Brisket is the perfect cut for the smoker. Full of flavour and moist texture this will be one of the highlights from the box.

The Boston Butt and Angus Brisket all come fresh and ready to go whilst the Marrow burgers, Iberico ribs, Baby Back Ribs are frozen.

Boston Butt - 4.5kg | RRP £39.95
6 x Marrow Burgers 0.86kg |£19.95
Australian Grain Fed Brisket – 5.5kg | £99.95
Iberico Spare Ribs - 1.7kg | £29.95
Baby Back Loin Ribs – 0.75kg | £19.95

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