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Snake River Farms


  • American Wagyu Sirloin (Snake River Farms)

    American Wagyu Sirloin (Snake River Farms)

    The Snake River Farms whole sirloin is richly marbled with a nicely defined grain, a satisfying bite and a memorable, rich flavour.
    weight: 3.5kg

    Price: £499.00

    Now: £249.00

  • American Wagyu Ribeye (Snake River Farms)

    American Wagyu Ribeye (Snake River Farms)

    This Snake River Farms whole ribeye is our largest and most exclusive cut of beef in the range. Hand-cut into 2 or 3 inch ribeye steaks or roast the entire roll for a feast of epic proportions.
    weight: 6.5kg
    Price: £599.00
  • American Wagyu Picanha (Snake River Farms)

    American Wagyu Picanha (Snake River Farms)

    The Snake River Farms picanha has intense marbling of American Wagyu which creates an exceptional eating experience. Roast whole or cut thick slices against the grain to make outstanding steaks.
    weight: 1.4kg
    Price: £129.00

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Snake River Farms American Wagyu Beef is world renowned for its incredible tenderness and unforgettable flavour. They maintain a purebred Japanese Wagyu cow herd whose job is to raise the finest bulls in the country. Crossing the exceptional marbling of their own full blood Japanese Wagyu bulls with the hearty and robust beefy flavour of American cattle, Snake River Farms has mastered a truly remarkable eating experience, the best of “East meets West.”

Snake River Farms’ foundation is built from famous Tajima bloodlines which link back to famed Wagyu cattle in the Kobe region of Japan (Hyogo prefecture). Tajima Gyu are subspecies of Japanese Black cattle from the Hyogo Prefecture and are recognized as “Top of Class” beef cattle for their refined, rich sweetness and creamy profile. In Japan only pure Tajima cattle that are bred, raised and slaughtered in the Hyogo Prefecture can be certified as Kobe Beef. Snake River Farms American Wagyu Beef is featured in Japan’s premier gourmet magazine, Cuisine Kingdom, in their Top 100 List of products hand selected by famous chefs and buyers for 2019 boasting “superior meat quality that comes from the taste of Japanese black cattle and the dynamic red meat of foreign cattle” with “enriching delicious flavour, complex taste and delicate sweetness.”

By managing the production process from start to finish over a span of three decades the Snake River Farms herd has developed into one of the most highly regarded groups of Wagyu cross cattle in the world. These cattle are raised along the high plains of the Snake River in Eastern Idaho, USA where a combination of mild climate, wide open space and abundant natural resources makes for the perfect environment to raise cattle. The cattle are raised without the use of growth promoting hormones and are fed an all-natural, sustainable diet with ingredients local to the Northwest. These locally sourced ingredients include Idaho potatoes, soft white wheat and alfalfa.

Wagyu cattle by nature grow at a slower rate than traditional cattle. This means they can be fed over a slower, extended time frame to capitalize on their natural ability to deposit intramuscular marbling. Snake River Farms Wagyu-cross cattle are fed three times longer than traditional U.S. commodity beef animals and thus can marble well above USDA Prime. Because the USDA grading scale can’t capture or convey Snake River Farms’ premium quality, cattle are scored on a combination of the U.S. and Japanese grading systems.