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Special Offers

Exclusive Offers and Discounts

Exclusive offers on our amazing meat and deli ranges can be found here. Exceptional value for the finest produce. A great opportunity to try something new. We offer Online Meat Delivery so that you can enjoy produce at the highest standard at low wholesale prices.

Pick up a bargain today with our special discounted products, only available for a limited time so dont miss out!


  • Wagyu Featherblade

    Wagyu Featherblade

    This Wagyu Featherblade offers a splendid array of flavours accompanied by delicious succulence.
    weight: 2.5kg

    Price: £99.95

    Now: £74.95



    Part of our brilliant American wagyu range from our friends across the pond at snake rive farm, we introduce the Denver Roll.
    price per serving: £11.00 weight: 2.3kg

    Price: £126.50

    Now: £85.00

  • American Wagyu Brisket

    American Wagyu Brisket

    You'll never have a BBQ Quite like it. Try our new American Wagyu Brisket.
    price per serving: £6.20 weight: 6kg

    Price: £255.50

    Now: £155.00

  • Black Label Argentine Beef Rump Heart

    Black Label Argentine Beef Rump Heart

    A splendid cut of Angus Argentine beef. Providing incredible texture and wonderful flavours.

    price per serving: £4.0 weight: 2kg

    Price: £53.50

    Now: £40.00

  • Uruguayan Beef Fillet

    Uruguayan Beef Fillet

    A triumph of our Uruguayan expert beef producers, guaranteed to deliver sensational taste and texture.
    price per serving: £6.85 weight: 1.4kg

    Price: £70.00

    Now: £44.95

  • Aberdeen Angus Fillet

    Aberdeen Angus Beef Fillet

    This native breed delivers exceptional flavour, succulence and texture. This exquisite fillet suits dry heat cooking methods.
    price per serving: £6.95 weight: 1.8kg

    Price: £92.40

    Now: £69.95

  • Uruguayan Wagyu Fillet

    Uruguayan Wagyu Fillet

    New Uruguayan Wagyu fillet steak, marble score 5-7. The perfect combination of taste and texture packed in one premium steak.
    price per serving: £22.25 weight: 2kg
    Price: £222.00

    Out of stock

  • USDA Chateaubriand

    USDA Chateaubriand

    This affordable and delicious USDA Chateaubriand is a perfect centrepiece for any dining event.
    weight: 2.5kg

    Price: £150.00

    Now: £98.00

    Out of stock

  • Wagyu Rump Hearts

    Wagyu Rump Hearts

    The Australian Wagyu rump heart delivers a sensational combination of tenderness and flavour that has become the hallmark of wagyu beef.
    price per serving: £9.6 weight: 3kg

    Price: £144.00

    Now: £85.00

    Out of stock

  • Wagyu Sirloin

    Wagyu Beef Sirloin

    A culmination of sensational tenderness, texture and flavours makes our Wagyu Sirloin a real winner.
    price per serving: £20.20 weight: 1.8kg

    Price: £220.00

    Now: £145.00

    Out of stock