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In partnership with our friends at Naked Wines, we are excited to announce the launch of an exclusive, one of a kind selection box. Drawing on our expert knowledge of the worlds of beef & wine, we have picked 6 exceptional reds (RRP £69.44) sourced from 5 countries to compliment our award wining Argentine Black Label Sirloin. You will receive:

Argentine Black Label Sirloin
Origin: Argentina
Breed: Certified Angus
Weight: 5kg
Diet: Grass Fed
Current Price: £89.95
Notes: This cut benefits from the natural skill of our Argentine producers who ensure that, through their careful efforts to ensure that the cows live a tranquil and relaxed lifestyle, the beef is wonderfully tender. Not only that but the grass fed finish they give the cows means that Argentine beef boasts great health benefits such as being rich in omega 3 and 6. Cut from Argentine Hereford and Angus cattle, this is for sure a product of immense quality.
Cooking tips: This magnificent piece of beef can be cut into 18+ steaks or carve into smaller joints and roasted. Can't eat it all at once? Cut what you need for now and freeze the rest for later.

Arabella Merlot
Origin: South Africa
Grape: Merlot
Profile: Easy Drinking Red
Alc %: 14.50
Size: 75cl
Year: 2018
RRP: £9.49

Benjamin Darnault La Repasse
Origin: France
Grape: Grenache Blend
Profile: Big Red
Alc %: 14.00
Size: 75cl
Year: 2016
RRP: £13.99

Catadau Gran Reserva
Origin: Spain
Grape: Tempranillo
Profile: Rich & Smooth Red
Alc %: 14.00
Size: 75cl
Year: 2011
RRP: £11.49

Kimbao Cabernet Sauvignon Carmenere
Origin: Chile
Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon Blend
Profile: Easy Drinking Red
Alc %: 13.00
Size: 75cl
Year: 2017
RRP: £10.99

Kruger Family Pinotage
Origin: South Africa
Grape: Pinotage
Profile: Big Red
Alc %: 14.00
Size: 75cl
Year: 2017
RRP: £11.99

Mauricio Lorca Angel's Selection Mendoza Malbec
Origin: Argentina
Grape: Malbec
Profile: Easy Drinking Red
Alc %: 14.00
Size: 75cl
Year: 2017
RRP: £11.49

How it works?
1. When you've made your purchase through the TH website, we'll send you your unique TH x NW code along with your order confirmation via email.
2. Head to NW site using the link we send you.
3. Enter your unique TH code and your email address.
4. Add the wine case of 6 detailed above to your basket.
5. Fill in your details.
6. All done! Now it's just time to wait for your wine to arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions
- Only one payment of £119 will be taken. This will be taken on the TH website.
- You get free deliveries for both the meat and the wine.
- The meat and wine will be delivered on separate days. Please allow up to five working days for the wine half of your order to be delivered after redeeming.
- You must be aged 18 or over to make this purchase.
- See Naked Wines T&Cs for more details.
- Subject to availability.

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