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USDA Point End Brisket

USDA Point End Brisket

Butcher's Favourite Aberdeen Angus Certified Traditionally Matured Naturally Reared


Frontier Reserve hold outstanding values when it comes to raising and producing world-class beef. After the initial hand-selection process the heritage Angus breed roam the vast pastures and forage on an all-natural grass diet. Additionally, they are supplemented with a well-balanced, vegetarian diet of high quality grains for a minimum of 180 days to ensure the results has the finest of flavours, tender texture and marbling.

The full packer Brisket is cut from the breast section just below the chuck and consists of two distinct areas separated by a layer of fat (the flat and the point). The Point end brisket you will receive is from the richly marbled section that sits on top of the flat and is great for making burnt ends or smoking whole.

This is the perfect smoker's cut.

Grill Roast Braise
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