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USDA Chateaubriand (Black Angus)

USDA Chateaubriand (Black Angus)

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This prized cut from the head of the fillet, is one of the most sought after cuts globally. The Black Angus breed give a delightful range of flavours and tenderness. Best served medium rare, this desirable treat is sure to impress everyone eating it!

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Price: £110.00

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13 Serving: approx. 5 people

Out of stock

3 Customer Reviews

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05, Jan 2017 \nWhole fillet .very easy to butcher. I spread French mustard over the fillet,\nsealed in a lightly oiled ,very hot dry pan before\ncooking in the oven gas mark 7 for 30 minutes. (medium rare)
02, Jan 2017 The ultimate fillet. This stood out from all the steaks and was incredible.
02, Jan 2017 Beautiful beef and a real showstopper.

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