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Australian Wagyu Picanha

Australian Wagyu Picanha

Satisfaction Guaranteed Expertly Prepared Wagyu Certified


Cut from the rump section of the steer. It has been expertly trimmed to leave you with the most tender, flavoursome part of this particular primal section.

Our farming partners have honed their skills over many decades in the vast, sun soaked plains of Queensland. They have refined their rearing techniques and hand pick their select breed Wagyu cattle to ensure an unparalleled level of product.

Wagyu carries such prestige around the globe and it is ranchers like these that have built this reputation and guarantee this style of beef remains world class.

This produce has Wagyu grading three to five. EXCLUSIVE to Tom Hixson of Smithfield.

Grill Marinate & Grill Roast
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Price: £100.00


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