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Wexford Valley Grass Fed Centre Cut Fillet

Wexford Valley Grass Fed Centre Cut Fillet

Expertly Prepared Award Winning Naturally Reared


Origin: Wexford Valley
Diet: Grass Fed
Provenance: the farmers of Wexford Valley continue the beef rearing traditions of this region. Breeding the finest select breeds in luscious grasslands. The herds' stress free lifestyle makes this beef extra tender and the taste is consistently superb.
Culinary inspiration: a special Sunday roast.
Butcher's notes: The centre cut is the most tender part of the fillet.
Condition: this is a fresh product. You'll receive it chilled.
The centre cut is the most even part of the Fillet it is very tender and perfect for roasting.
This cut is the perfect cut for a Beef Wellington!

Grill Fry Roast
Suggested cooking method

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