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Butcher's Favourite Satisfaction Guaranteed Expertly Prepared Award Winning


Packed full of family favourites. With 90+ pieces of delicious meat this box gives you endless recipe possibilities, guaranteed quality, value and most importantly delicious taste for the whole family to enjoy!

Available at this special price £59.95 (Value £96.75)

Each box includes:

Chicken Breast | 5kg | Includes approx. 20 pieces | RRP £34.95
Unrivalled in juiciness, tastiness and succulence, our chicken breasts are lean and naturally rich in protein. No salt or water is added to ensure each skinless fillet, once cooked, does not shrink and remains deliciously meaty.

British Beef Mince | 2.5kg | Includes approx. 10 servings | RRP £19.95
Carefully selected from the finest, naturally reared primal cuts from our select breeds. It has abundance of enticing, delightful flavours along with a stunning texture.

Award Winning British Meaty Pork Sausages | 1.5kg | Includes approx. 18 pieces | RRP £12.95
A truly great British sausage – sizzling when cooked, amazingly meaty when served. The finest cuts, including belly and shoulder, are used in our trusted recipe. Thick set to ensure fantastic meatiness and juiciness. Minimum 95% meat content. A superb addition to any fry up!

Smoked Rindless Back Bacon | 2.2kg | Includes approx. 40 pieces | RRP £22.95
Once the leanest and most tender cuts are selected the produce are hung over oak wood chippings for eighteen hours. Oak is the greatest wood type for complimenting and enhancing the natural essences of the bacon, ultimately leaving it with superb and unique flavours. The meat is then expertly trimmed of the rind and excess fat.

Sliced Traditional Ham | 0.5kg | Includes approx. 10 slices | RRP £5.95
The delicious flavours of our traditional ham are enhanced during our trusted curing process. Pre-cut by our master butchers for ease of use.

Too much at once? We suggest portioning up and freezing for later!

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