Beef Bavette

The French term for ‘flank steak’, beef Bavette is a highly flavoured and delicately textured flat cut of meat that’s taken from the abdominal muscles of the cow. Here at Tom Hixson of Smithfield, we’re proud to offer a selection of origins for this lesser-known cut (quite often a butcher's favourite), including Uruguayan bavette and British Bavette. Try one of our fantastic cuts of beef Bavette steak, or browse our diverse range of beef online and discover quality British beef and various cuts, including denver steak, beef sirloin and beef ribs.

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British Beef Bavette

British Beef Bavette

A lesser known cut, but this does not stop it from being incredibly delicious - full of sensational flavours.

Hereford Bavette

Hereford Bavette

Certified Hereford - a breed world renowned for it's excellent bite and flavour. Enhanced further by their natural, grass fed diet.

USDA CHOICE Bavette (Creekstone Farms)

USDA CHOICE Bavette (Creekstone Farms)

This USDA certified Bavette is from hand selected Black Angus Cattle. The herd are fed a high quality corn based diet which equates to well-marbled, very flavoursome beef.

Dexter Bavette
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Dexter Bavette

The smallest native breed of cattle in Britain & Ireland. Outstanding flavour profile and texture. Gaze on luscious pastures. 100% Grass Fed.

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Miguel Vergara Aberdeen Angus Bavette
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Miguel Vergara Aberdeen Angus Bavette

Raised in between the meadows of Salamanca and the mountains of Leon in Spain. Breed: Aberdeen Angus. Diet: 300 day grain fed. We have not seen marbling like this in Angus beef before. It is sensational and will be the talk of the table at any dinner party.

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Looking for some recipe inspiration? Check out the video from Artust BBQ for the ultimate Carne Asada Tacos using our British Beef Bavette.

What cut is bavette?

From the French for “flank steak”, bavette is a flat cut that is full of flavour. Sourced from the abdominal muscles of the cow, bavette is synonymous with fine marbling and a loose, delicate texture.

Bavette is a well-exercised cut, known to be a favourite amongst butchers, who often reserve the cut for their enjoyment.

What is bavette steak good for?

Bavette steak is a versatile cut. It is excellent when marinated and grilled, or equally delicious when pan-cooked, or prepared in a cast-iron skillet.

The addition of bavette can really elevate stir-fry dishes, fajitas, and salads. Or keep it simple with a classic steak and chips.

How do I cook the perfect bavette steak?

When cooked correctly, bavette can be a real show stopper. Many recipes recommend marinating the steak, to keep its deliciously tender texture.

It’s a good idea to note that bavette tends to have a thicker end and a thinner end, meaning the thin end will cook faster.

Bavette is best cooked over high heat, to ensure the moisture remains locked in. The French believe the best method is to sear the meat, cooking for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Is bavette steak the same as skirt?

Bavette and skirt cuts are very similar in appearance. Both have distinct features, including long muscle fibres, dark colour, and a long, thin shape.

The difference lies in the variation of English and French butchery. In the UK, these cuts are referred to as skirt or flank. However, the French have several names for these cuts. Bavette in particular gets its name from the translation of “bib”, which refers to its distinctive flat shape.