Wagyu Fillet Steak

Often considered to be the most superior cuts of beef, the whole fillet of beef provides a melt in the mouth experience that’s hard to beat. Combine this with the premium quality of Wagyu beef, and the Wagyu fillet steak is the end result. Wagyu fillet steak is utter perfection when it comes to high quality meats available on the market today. For the delightful experience of having Wagyu beef fillet delivered directly to your door, shop with Tom Hixson of Smithfield for an array of superior quality produce.

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Tom Hixson Wagyu Fillet

Tom Hixson Wagyu Fillet

A Wagyu / Shorthorn cross, which has been reared stress-free on the open, grassy pastures of Ireland. Shorthorn are renowned themselves for producing marbled beef, so when crossed with Wagyu the results are sublime. Their diet is supplemented with chocolate, which adds a touch of sweetness to the bite.

Kagoshima Japanese Wagyu Fillet A5 BMS 8

Kagoshima Japanese Wagyu Fillet A5 BMS 8

Prefecture: KAGOSHIMA. Japanese Grade: A5. Beef Marble Score: 8

From £660.00£800.00
American Wagyu Fillet BLACK GRADE (Snake River Farms)

American Wagyu Fillet BLACK GRADE (Snake River Farms)

The Snake River Farms fillet has a fine buttery texture and a wonderfully mild flavour. Sourced from the loin, this is unquestionably the most tender of all beef. Image shows one steak cut from the whole joint you'll receive.

Cooking Tips:
Top chef Harvey Ayliffe shows us his top tips on how to cook Wagyu steak to perfection.