Cumberland Sausages

When it comes to Cumberland sausages, our offering is unlike any other. These extra meaty award-winning Cumberland sausages are packed full of flavour, combining quality pork produce with an expert blend of hand-selected herbs and spices. The secret to these Cumberland sausages is that they are made from the finest quality pork, unlike many other varieties which are produced from off-cuts. This is what gives our sausages their extra meaty, award-winning flavour. Available in large packs of 18 or 24, making them ideal for BBQs.

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Traditional Cumberland Pork Sausages (18)

Traditional Cumberland Pork Sausages (18)

These Cumberland sausages form part of our traditional range. A special blend of herbs and spices are used to create a full meaty flavour.

Each pack contains 18 sausages.